I want to whiten my teeth, what are my options?

Our office offers two options for whitening.  Our first option is custom made trays used at your own convenience at home. These trays are made by taking impressions of your upper and lower teeth so it fits to you.  Two whitening syringes are provided with the starter kit, and refill syringes are available for purchase as well.  Our second option is an in-office whitening procedure where we apply on average 2-3 applications of our whitening product.  In addition to the in-office whitening process, you will be provided custom trays for touch up applications.  Both options will get the same results, but with in-office, you can receive results quicker, whereas the custom trays take several days/applications.  One of our staff members will discuss proper instructions when delivering your custom trays or during the in-office procedure.

What is the difference between in-office whitening and over the counter whitening?

Professional in-office whitening can give you instant results, whereas over-the-counter whitening may take a few weeks before a noticeable difference. In-office whitening procedures use stronger bleaching agents and higher percentage whitening solutions that can only be purchased through your dental professionals.  This can help you reach a whiter smile in a shorter amount of time. In-office whitening treatments are performed specifically for each patients and their unique needs. Over-the-counter whitening products will also give you a whiter smile, but the whitening percentages are not as high, therefore, the expected results will take longer to achieve.

Will my white fillings and crowns whiten?

Surface stains on fillings may lighten during the whitening process, however, the filling itself, as well as dental crowns, will not whiten. Fillings and crowns may need to be replaced if you are not satisfied with the color match.

Is it normal for my teeth to be sensitive?

Sensitivity is one of the most common side effects of bleaching. If sensitivity is severe, try whitening every other day or every third day. Sensitivity toothpaste should be used for two weeks prior to bleaching and used for two weeks after to help reduce sensitivity issues.