How long will I be numb?

Your lips, teeth, cheeks, and/or tongue may be numb for several hours after any procedure requiring anesthesia. To avoid injury, you should avoid any chewing and hot beverages until the numbness has completely worn off.

Is it normal for my teeth to be sensitive after my filling or crown?

It is normal to experience some sensitivity to hot and cold, sweets, and pressure after your appointment. Make sure your bite feels even and use a sensitive toothpaste for 2-3 weeks afterwards. If you are still experiencing sensitivity, do not hesitate to call the office at (859)-283-0033.

How long after a filling or crown can I eat?

After you have a filling, you can eat right away. Your filling is as hard as it will be when you leave our office. Just be sure to allow some time as you may still be numb and may cause trauma to your lips or cheeks while biting.

After a crown, it is advised that you chew on the opposite side for the rest of the day. Do not eat or drink for 30 minutes after your crown is cemented. Hard or sticky foods should be avoided altogether for the following 24 hours while the cement is still setting.