Sealants are protective coverings for your teeth that prevent plaque and bacteria from collecting in the chewing surfaces of your teeth and causing decay.

Sealants are typically applied to children’s teeth around the ages of six and twelve, but have proven to be beneficial for adult patients as well.

The application process of sealants is very simple. Typically, sealants are applied after your cleaning appointment by your dental hygienist, dental assistant or dentist. The chewing surface of the tooth is cleaned and a material called etch is applied to the same surface. The etch will clean the pits and grooves and “open” the tooth structure to allow the sealant material to adhere to the tooth surface. Etch is rinsed off the tooth and the tooth surface is dried. Sealant material is applied and an LED light is used to harden the sealant material to the tooth.

At each appointment we will check your sealants.  If the sealants need to be touched up, we will either complete that at your appointment or get you rescheduled back. Sealants may need to be replaced every three years or so.


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