Removable partial dentures, or RPD, are used to replace missing teeth on patients, either for esthetic purposes or to retain original biting and chewing capbilties. This is an alternative to more permament options such as a bridge or implant (see these tabs under services). RPD’s are removable and usually made of acrylic teeth attached to either metal or a gum colored base. The teeth on the RPD come in many different shapes, sizes and colors to match the patient’s original teeth as closely as possible. The partial is attached to existing teeth, which are used to prevent movement as much as possible by anchoring onto another tooth. The clasp which holds the removable partial denture in place, can be made of metal or arylic material that is tooth colored, depending on the type of parital made.

The process to receive your RPD is simple. At our dental office, an impression will be taken of the missing teeth that will be getting replaced. The office will then send your impression to a local dental lab where they will design a custom fit partial for you. Following these procedures, you will return to our dental office to try in your new partial denture. Some adjustments may need to be made at this appointment for a better fit.

These removeable partial dentures require home care just like your natural teeth. At home maintenance includes removing the partial denture while sleeping and placing it in a denture cleaner. In the morning, you can lightly brush the denture with a denture brush. Removing the RPD allows the tissue underneath to breathe and prevent you from getting tissue inflammation or infections. It is also importanct to clean underneath the removable partial denture because food debris can become trapped and irriate the gum tissue.


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