Periodontal Maintenance is for patients who have completed a periodontal treatment such as Scaling and Root Planing. Once the periodontal procedure is preformed (see Scaling and Root Planing service tab), periodontal maintenance is necessary to maintain your gum health. However, scaling and root planing does not cure the disease. Once you have periodontal disease, you will always have it! These maintenance appointments help to prevent further damage to your gum and bone tissue.

During your periodontal maintenance appointments, we remove any calculus and plaque by scaling, polish the bacteria and stain, periodontal probe to evaluate your current gum health status, and review at home care with you to help continue good oral hygiene after you leave the dental office.

Typically, patients who have gone through periodontal treatment are seen every 3-4 months. Depending on your home care, good oral hygiene habits can take you from 3-4 month cleanings to regular 6 month cleanings. However, in most cases, patients will remain on 3-4 month cleanings due to excessive bacteria and plaque build up.



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