Crowns are recommended when teeth have cracks, large decay, old fillings with poor margins, trauma resulting in discoloration or infection.  Crowns can also restore function after a tooth has had a root canal (see root canal therapy tab).   They are placed over your natural tooth so it can protect all surfaces of the tooth.

Crowns are custom made and come in a variety of shades and materials so we can match the coloring as close to your natural tooth color as possible.  Crowns are usually completed in two-three appointments and should last multiple years with proper home care. At your first appointment, your tooth will be reshaped and an impression will be taken of that tooth and the surrounding teeth.  It will then be sent to a lab outside of our dental office to have a the crown custom fitted. You will leave the office with a temporary crown in place. At your second appointment, we will remove your temporary crown and seat your permanent crown. Your smile should look just as it did before your crown!

Just because your tooth has a crown does not mean you do not need to clean it. Daily brushing, flossing and rinsing as well as regular dental checkups can prevent decay, especially around the crown margins.  If not properly cleaned, bacteria can settle underneath the crown margin and could cause decay.  This could result in needing a new crown if the decay is too large to remove.


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