A bridge is a dental procedure performed to close an empty space between two teeth.  It is necessary to close the open space because a bridge can restore your chewing capabilities, prevent any movement of opposing teeth known as super erupting, drifting of teeth adjacent to the open space or simply complete your smile.  Bridges are made to look natural in the mouth.  They are custom made to fit your smile and the anatomy of your mouth.  Bridges are also known as fixed partials because they cannot be removed from the mouth. A bridge is used to fill in the area of missing teeth and will connect to adjacent teeth.

It will take two appointments for a bridge procedure.  At your first appointment, two of your natural teeth will be reshaped to hold the abutments for your bridge. The two natural teeth will have crowns attached to the missing tooth, or known as a pontic. A impression will be taken of the area and sent to a lab to have the custom bridge made. At your second appointment, we will try in your new bridge and make any adjustments needed so that it fits properly with your bite. 

Bridges are not part of your natural tooth structure, so home care is very important because decay can develop around the margins of the crowns. When you have your bridge seated, we will review proper home care around the teeth adjacent to the bridge as well as how to clean underneath the bridge.


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