Bonding is the process used to close spaces between the teeth, change the color of the teeth or stained areas, change the shape of teeth for an “ideal” smile and fill the teeth after decay has been removed or to replace existing silver fillings.

Bonding is a tooth colored material, also known as white fillings, that can be created to match your current tooth shade, or to a whiter shade if you prefer. If you desire a whiter smile, you can read about our whitening options to whiten your teeth before your bonding appointment, especially for anterior (front) teeth.

The process of bonding the teeth can usually be accomplished in one visit. An enamel-like material is applied to the tooth surface, shaped, hardened with an LED light and then polished.

Although bonding is not part of your natural tooth surface, it can still accumulate stain, plaque, and calculus build up and should be cleaned like a natural tooth. Bonding may be more likely to chip or stain than the natural tooth surface.


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