Our office provides two different types of anesthesia for the comfort of our patients.  During any restorative or deep scaling appointment, we will use local anesthesia to numb the area being treated.  A medicine, such as lidocaine, is injected into the cheek or gum tissue to prevent any feeling during your appointment.  Most patients do not feel the needle, but instead they may feel the sting of the medicine moving into the gum tissue.  The local anesthesia may last up to several hours after the injection.  It may take several hours to regain full speech, chewing and drinking capabilities.  A soft diet is recommended during this time frame because you may cause trauma to your tongue or cheeks.

The other type of anesthesia that our office provides is Nitrous Oxide.  Nitrous Oxide, or commonly known as laughing gas, is a gas used to relax patients during dental procedures.  A mixture of nitrous oxide and oxygen are inhaled through the nose during the appointment to sedate our patients.  It can be safely used on adults and children to help with dental phobias or anxiety.  Nitrous oxide is used per request of the patient.

WARNING: Be sure to let your dental hygienist, dental assistant and/or dentist know about any current medical conditions including updated medications.  Some medicines can cause a reaction to anesthesia.


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